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Bob Diaco updates defense’s status and issues high praise

It can be a little boring reading the same takes on players over and over. How many times have we heard how good Tanner Lee may/is going to be? With that in mind, defensive coordinator Bob Diaco wasn’t shy about propping up one playing in particular following Tuesday’s practice.

“Joshua Kalu could play a myriad of different positions really, really well. We all collectively believe safety is his natural position. He would be a very good corner, maybe even a great corner, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is, and or will be, one of the best safeties in the country, if not the very best safety in the country.”

It’s probably safe to say that Kalu will be staying at the spot he was moved to for the duration barring a swath of injuries.

On the topic of cornerbacks, Diaco touched on the injury to Chris Jones.

“How I felt was sad for Chris. I know Chris will be fine, Chris just has a process of time, but he’ll be good as new soon enough. I feel badly that he was preparing very hard for him, but he’ll be back 100 percent surely.” It’s projected that Jones would be back by Wisconsin at the earliest which would obviously be a boon for the Huskers. Hopefully the diagnosis is spot on.

Another player that’s starting to pick up more praise is nose tackle Mick Stoltenberg who looks to take up the mantle of Diaco’s first starter at the position following Nebraska’s transition to the 3-4 scheme.

“With Mick, there have been strides there intangibly. He’s really developing as a leader for the unit, if not the team. Really appropriate sights and sounds, and that’s consistent, that’s day to day. He’s cleaned up his fundamentals, he’s improved in all areas.”

Listen to Diaco’s entire statements following this morning’s practice below:

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