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Catching up – Post NIU

Photo by John Peterson/Icon Sportswire

As if the loss to NIU wasn’t enough my laptop decided it had had enough as well and decided to go down so I apologize to those searching for updates. We’re back up and running and will fire off a bunch of stories over the next 48 hours to get everyone caught up.

There’s no sense in dwelling on the loss so let us jump right into some updates for Rutgers:


  • -Tre Bryant – Knee (Questionable)
  • -Matt Farniok – Broken Wrist (Out)
  • -Marcus Newby – Hamstring (Out)
  • -David Knevel -Stress fracture, ankle (Questionable)
  • -Joshua Kalu -Hamstring (Questionable)

Both Matt Farniok and Marcus Newby appear to be out for the next few weeks. Marcus’ injury is worse than originally thought and Farniok had a pin put in his wrist this week due to a broken bone.

Knevel is still healing up from the stress fracture in his ankle and while he is “a little less questionable” per Riley the odds that he plays this week are slim as that’s an injury that needs to heal properly.

You can expect to see Brenden Jaimes and Christian Gaylord at the RT position this weekend against Rutgers.

Looking Back at NIU

There’s no way to spin a loss to NIU when Nebraska was earlier considered to be one of the favorites in the Big Ten West.  It was a terrible performance from several positions and highlights a lot of the lack of depth and experience this team really has.

Mohamed Barry stated this week that they view their record as “0-0” as the conference games are what matter moving forward.  While you cannot forget this past this is probably a good approach to take mentally for the remainder of the season.

Mike Riley was “disappointed” and “surprised, probably” by the play of the offensive line this weekend.  The group seemed to be gelling well in the Huskers opener but have since taken a step back.

The head coach also commented that the criticism from the AD, former players, and fans was “probably earned” this week.

Riley praised Mikale Wilbon’s performance in the NIU game. He earned every yard he got after 16 of his 24 running plays started with some sort of contact at or before the line of scrimmage and “he was his own blocker”.

Drew Brown took ownership of the missed FG heading into halftime saying he kicked it too low.

De’Mornay Pierson-El needs to improve his decision making on if and when to return punts said Riley.  While he may be a dynamic punt returner he’s put the Huskers offense in a few holes the past two games.

Coach Scott Booker mentioned last week that anything inside the 8-yard line should be let go and anything in front of that should be fair caught or returned.

Mikale Wilbon said that physically he’s holding up pretty well after his first game as a starter. He noted that he needs to continue to work on his pass blocking as it continues to be one of his biggest opportunities of improvement.

Wilbon also commented yesterday on how he’s surprised at the inconsistencies of the offense as that’s not relative to how the offense was performing in fall camp.

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