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Dear Old Nebraska U

Spring Game Visitors
(Photo by John Peterson/Icon Sportswire)

Addressing the current state of Nebraska football and the criticism around it:

The sheer number of fans, former players, and celebrities that believe they know how to fix the woes Nebraska is facing on offense right has become staggering.

The Huskers are only three games into their third season under coach Mike Riley and the intensity of this type of chatter is unfathomable.  The Huskers will always have a passionate fan-base and that’s one of its greatest strengths but this type of commentary doesn’t lead to anything good.

Fans need to understand that you simply cannot live in the past in order to have success in the future.  It’s the equivalent of seeing the stereotypical high school quarterback at your 20th class reunion who has never moved on from his glory days.

I won’t disagree that there are things that need to change over the remainder of the season: the offensive line performance, the penalties, the lack of confidence at quarterback, and the inexperience are key positions can be maddening right now.

That said, this “quick fix” Husker fans are looking for doesn’t happen overnight to a team that has been devoid of real depth and talent for this long.  If the Husker faithful truly want to help this team get better they need to be patient and support the team. Any talk firing of a head coach or coordinator at this point in a season would be a mistake that sets the program back another 2-3 years.

Question and critique them all you want, but calling for their heads isn’t where this program is at.  At the end of the season if they don’t improve that’s when a fanbase should be raising those questions about position coaches or coordinators moving on.

If the Husker faithful truly want to help this team get better as a fanbase, then they need to show patience and come together to support this team each week and continue to highlight why Nebraska is one of the most special places for a high school kid to play college football.

If you’re a former player then offer support both behind the scenes and publicly. It’s okay to talk about what needs fixing but after two seasons and three games to tout the agenda of firing the coaching staff and hiring your former teammate or stating that we need more local kids isn’t a solution to what needs to be fixed.

One thing I know for sure is that fans should never forget this line from the Husker fight song Dear Old Nebraska U (1924) and how it applies to the situation fans find themselves in today:

“There is no place like Nebraska, where they’re all true blue. We’ll all stick together, in all kinds of weather for dear old Nebraska U”

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