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Drew Brown provides a glimpse into fall camp mindset on Fan Day

Every year, Nebraska football fans come and get items autographed by their favorite Huskers both old and new. Before this year’s team took the field to sign away until their wrists cramped, a few members of the team took questions from the media. Senior kicker Drew Brown was first up to the podium and didn’t disappoint.

On the team vibe over the summer:

“It’s exciting. We’ve been working our butt off since basically the day the season ended in Nashville and we went through spring, we had a lot of adjustments obviously with new coaches and new personnel. I think everyone’s excited to get to work just like everyone else is in the country and we’re looking to maintain that throughout camp.

On how involved Scott Booker will be in special teams work:

“I think since he’s the safeties coach now he’ll be a little bit less involved than what he was in the spring but I think since he obviously has other responsibilities with that, he’ll do his best to probably split his time as much as he can but I think working with the safeties will obviously take more time and more effort.”

On field goal and kickoff mastery:

“I’ve been doing it since day one since I’ve been here, really. I think I owe it to my team to be able to do the best I possibly can in every single situation I can be in. As far as I know, I think I’ve played in the most games of anyone returning and I feel like I can add that experience to whatever any of the guys need.

To answer your question, the mastery of the roles, I think that I just continue to get better and better as far as I can every single day and just approaching my full potential.

On taking leadership as part of a small senior class:

“We lost a lot of seniors last year as well and we have a small class, obviously not this season but the next season they’re going to have a lot of returning guys. We take it personally. We don’t want to end our season on a bad note just because we don’t have a lot of seniors, just because we don’t have a lot of experience.

We want to be those leaders on the team that have been through coaching changes, we’ve been through different changes. As many as you can possibly think of. We need to be the leaders of the team, for sure. I think we’ll be able to do that.

On individual season goals:

“I just really want to be able to help the team as much as I can. I can get caught up in individual goals whether it’s stats or awards or whatever the case is, but I think if I just focus on helping the team as much as I can, those things will kind of fall in place.”

On team goals for the season:

“Obviously the goal is the Big Ten Championship. We haven’t been for a number of years now. In that process, you’ve got to focus on each game at a time and I know it’s cliche, but the second game doesn’t really matter if we lose the first game. Obviously, the goal for every team in our conference is the Big Ten Championship and to be playing on that first weekend in December but you’ve just got to take it game by game and treat every opponent the same and be able to not fear any of them as well.

On sophomore punter Caleb Lightbourn’s potential this season:

“I think he definitely has as much potential as anybody in the entire country. It’s just a matter of mentally being able to take that next step maturity-wise. As everyone knows, he got thrown into a rough situation last year but in my opinion, I don’t think that was an excuse to have as many rough moments as he might have had.

I had a rough freshman year as well and I was able to pick it up year by year by year and I think he’ll do the exact same thing. He’s one of the most talented punters for sure in our conference, definitely in the nation and I think he’ll be able to take that next step.

On having long snapper Jordan Ober and placeholder Zack Darlington back:

“It’s huge. Jordan’s done an unbelievable job since the day he stepped foot on campus. I’m sure half the fanbase couldn’t tell you who our long snapper is because he’s done such a good job. Zack, he stepped into a situation last year where I asked him for help and he received me with open arms and he did way, way better than I even thought that he’d be able to. I can’t do my job without those two and then the other guys up front. They’ve definitely done a great job and I’m proud to call them my teammates.

On his tweet about “kicking for Sam” this season:

“Sam never got to play his senior season and I’m lucky enough to be able to do that. There’s a lot of different motivations and different things that I can lean on for this season but that’s for sure going to be a top priority is every single kick that I have, he wasn’t able to have. I think that’s a great motivator not only for me but for everyone on the team as well.

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