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Frost Names Captains for 2018 Season

Nebraska releases captain’s names for week 1 against Akron

Scott Frost released the names of the Husker captains for the season on Thursday evening during the Husker Sports Nightly show.

All four players are seniors and considered key cogs in the Huskers 2018 team who are vocal in their leadership both on and off the field.

Seniors Stanley Morgan Jr, Luke Gifford, Mick Stoltenberg, and Jerald Foster will be the captains Frost said

Earlier in the week Coach Frost commented that they were leaning towards rotating the captains each week, “My guess is we probably won’t end up with captains just for the whole year. It’s probably going to be on a game-by-game basis” he said.

But Thursday night he reversed course during the Husker Sports Nighty show,

“We debated a little bit as a coaching staff, because our coaching staff has always a kind of Unity Council that existed of leaders on the team, and then we had gameday captains out of that group,” he said. “And after talking about it, deliberating on it for a while, we decided to keep with Nebraska tradition of having just four captains.”

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