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Riley shares his thoughts on former AD Shawn Eichorst

Mike Riley didn’t mince words after practice today and addressed the situation surrounding former Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst head on today after practice while passing a message onto his team.

“That old saying of ‘you control what you can, and what you can’t, you’ve got to let go” said Riley.

It’s safe to assume that coach Riley and Eichorst were close as he, like everyone else, was surprised by the news today.

“I really, really enjoyed working with Shawn,” he said. “Besides being a good man, I think he had everybody’s best interests at heart.”

“I’m just thankful that he brought me here. He’s the one that stepped out and gave us a job here…and we’re at a great place and we’re thankful to be here.”

Not one to dwell on whats wrong Riley also moved things along touching on the future and where he expects the program to work towards.

“I’m actually energized about the future. I guess perspective is one thing that is good, and a drive always to be good and we have driven people here who want to coach these guys at the highest level and do better, and we have players like that. It’s not that complicated to me. It’s clear where we have to go on the football field, it’s clear what we have to do in recruiting to get to that point where we want to go.”

None of this scenario is that foreign to Riley in the coaching world that he lives in. After spending a few minutes on the topic and giving the relationship with Eichorst the respect it deserved, Riley moved on to continue to talk about on Rutgers like the veteran coach that he is.

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