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Riley talks ‘mixed bag’ in first scrimmage of the fall

If a scrimmage takes place and not a ton of information is given, do hype balloons really deflate? Is Tanner Lee not all that? Are the prospective Blackshirts a flop in the 3-4 defense?

According to head coach Mike Riley, there’s some things to like and others to clean up.

“It was a mixed bag a little bit. It’s hard to separate it. There were a lot of good plays. The one offense made some plays and not consistent but had some nice runs. I was excited about that too. All four quarterbacks actually functioned okay. They were pretty good. What is evident about football is that you can’t mess up procedure. It was a real good day, we hit the number we wanted to with the number of plays we wanted to be live.”

Riley did take a moment to compliment a defense that’s looking to solidify its cornerbacks for the upcoming season.

“The secondary definitely made some plays,” Riley said. “We tried to get the corners a lot of turns, maybe more than the rest of the guys just because a couple of them haven’t played in a game.”

The scrimmage didn’t go off without a hitch, unfortunately, as wide receiver Bryan Reimers suffered a back injury. Riley doesn’t anticipate a long-term recovery period, though.

With the new rules implemented by the NCAA, fall practice is certainly much different with a lack of two-a-days.

“There’s going to be a lot of talk. There will probably be another rule change or two. You don’t want to push this thing too far back into July. The kids are around here anyway if you take the right time off and do it right, I think stretching camp a couple of more days, maybe two or three more, is really not bad physically.”

The Huskers also welcomed a familiar face back to the Hawks Championship Center to take in practice:

The Nebraska football team will take Sunday off before returning to action on Monday to start up the second week of fall camp.

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