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Saturday 8/12/17 Practice Report

The Nebraska football team returned to Memorial Stadium on Saturday for an approximately 90-play scrimmage to test what they’ve learned through two weeks of fall practice. Head coach Mike Riley was in extremely high spirits after the hard work wrapped up. It didn’t hurt that a familiar face returned in sophomore running back Tre Bryant

“It was a fun day,” Riley said. “It was all critical situation stuff today. We had one regular drive, full speed live that was just like getting the ball after a touchback drive. Then we went into the high red fringe part of it at the 45 [yard line] and had a real drive.

Then with the ones (first unit) we backed it back down and did some coming out, some more red zone, did a drill that was a lot of football situation stuff and then we let the young guys scrimmage for a bit to finish it up. They must’ve gotten 20 plus plays in there.”

Riley seemed particularly encouraged by what the offense displayed.

“Overall there was more efficiency. There was some snapshots that look like a picture of what we want to be. Some good play action down the field throws, good efficiency on third down stuff and we made a nice touchdown pass in the red zone.

The efficiency parts of running the ball was pretty good. Play action off the run was pretty good, efficiency looked good at times and then you get down the red zone and make a nice move touchdown pass. It looked good. There was some stuff like that that I think was kind of that snapshot.”

Finally, the head man outlined how the remainder of fall camp would run.

“We’ve got three weeks from today,” Riley said. “This is going to be for us as we approach it. One more week of training. Then start heading into two weeks of more specific Arkansas State type stuff. That’s what our future looks like after today.”

When asked about whether or not he’d seen anything in camp that might cause him to reconsider redshirting true freshman Tristian Gebbia, after a long pause, Riley gave the affirmative.

“I think that Tristan, by the time we get to the season, would function well in a game. Now I don’t think that’s the best thing for him, I really don’t. For our purpose, we keep that room small but the other side of that is he’s got to be ready.”

Injury News

  • Offensive lineman Jake Kitten went down with a knee injury but Riley was unsure as to the nature of the injury


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