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Thursday 8/24/17 Practice Report

With only ten days left before the Nebraska Cornhuskers kick off their season, the Big Red is working on both preparing for Arkansas State and keeping themselves in tip-top condition.

“[We’re] getting good work done,” head coach Mike Riley said Thursday. “We are probably using half of our practice as game prep practice and the other part of it is that we are trying to maintain good competition in game situations, clock situations when we are interacting within our team.”

There are still some positions that haven’t fully shaken themselves out in terms of a depth chart, but that’s quickly being taken care of. One group, in particular, that’s shaping up is the wide receiver corps.

“I’ve looked at it kind of a group in total. The first guys that would be our starters are Stanley [Morgan Jr.], De’Mornay [Pierson El], and right now JD Spielman. That next group, as receivers go, that could play a lot are Tyjon Lindsey, Bryan Reimers, Gabe Rahn…[Brett] Classen and Conor Young.”

Of course, the battle still rages on between Patrick O’Brien and Tristan Gebbia to see who officially gets the backup spot at quarterback.

“We kept Tanner out of throwing today. He ran a lot of the run plays, a lot of the checks at the line of scrimmage and a lot of alerts at the line of scrimmage, but he didn’t throw today to give his arm a rest. That meant that Patrick and Tristan got a lot of throwing in today. I think we have good quarterbacking throughout. Obviously, the youth coming from Patrick and Tristan come forward once in a while. Both of them have the ability and make a lot of plays.”

Fans can’t wait for the long wait between the 2016 Music City Bowl and the 2017 season opener to end. Their anticipation may only be bested by the head coaches.

“I’m excited,” he said. “It’s one of those things where you got to go out and do it. It’s got to be out there on the field. I think efficiency for me is the No. 1 goal right now. Getting the play, getting the huddle, getting the call, getting to the line, giving yourselves a good snap. I’m really anxious to see it in a game. Be efficient, run good action, third down stuff, good red zone stuff. I’m just excited about it. I also know it has to be done against other people.”


  • Riley announced that Luke McNitt, Cole Conrad, Connor Ketter, Tyler Hoppes and Brett Classen have all been placed on scholarship.
  • Keyan Williams is being held out of practice again after re-aggravating his hamstring

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