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Tuesday 8/15/17 Practice Report

Nebraska welcomed the crew from BTN, Larry the Cable Guy and even Senator Ben Sasse to practice today. The Huskers began their third week of what we’ll call “general” fall camp as head coach Mike Riley said that the team will start keying in on the Arkansas State Red Wolves next week. Not only does Nebraska continue to install its new 3-4 defense, but also got a fresh, new look.

Defensive coordinator Bob Diaco spoke after practice regarding how his squad is coming together.

“Everything is positive,” Diaco said. “Every coach is improving. Every player on defense is getting better. We’re a work in progress. We have a whole bunch of players that have never participated in the games but they’re getting ready. They’re working, they’re giving everything they possibly have to give. They are really embracing that and coming to work. No one is disappointed.”

Diaco also touched on the uniqueness of his 3-4 defense. There’s an understanding that it most certainly is his:

“We’re on our own system,” Diaco said. “We built it and 3-4 is a component and a building block and a piece. Like all strong foundations, there are other pieces. We’re pleased with where we’re at as it relates to the [installation]. We are about players and players playing the plays. If we can care for each other really well and be fundamentally sound as a position, as a player and then ultimately as a sound defense with our principles, we believe we can defend.”

We also heard a bit about special teams work as Diaco has been working with punters. That means Caleb Lightbourn’s name quickly came up.

“He’s becoming more consistent,” Diaco said. “He’s maturing. He takes accountability more and is coachable. He really spends time inspecting his movement and the things that went wrong. [He] spends time and discipline trying to [make a habit of] his movements. You don’t want to have a lot of moving parts. So you try to duplicate the same thing over and over again. He’s very critical of that sweet spot, that movement that he needs to be in that groove. We’re working hard at it and he is too.”

Finally, BTN even got a taste of the Tunnel Walk:

Injury report:

Mick Stoltenberg, DaiShon Neal and Keyan Williams sat out of Tuesday’s practice while JD Spielman returned.

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1 Comment

  1. ELVIS

    08/16/2017 at 8:00 pm

    Good stuff, I like what you have done with the place, looking forward to more! Hopefully some insite that I can’t get anywhere else.

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